10 Common expressions in French

10 Common expressions in French  Idiomatic expressions are a very important part of a language. If you have been learning French for a while, then it is high time you learned some of the french expressions. Here are 10 of the common expressions in French. You might even come across some of them along your“10 Common expressions in French” 계속 읽기

Oh là là ! 5 clichés about French culture

Oh là là ! 5 clichés about French culture If you are a fan of Netflix series, the french language and the french culture, then you must have heard of Emily in Paris; the sensational series illustrating the adventures of Emily, a young American woman, in Paris. Upon its release on Netflix, Emily in Paris“Oh là là ! 5 clichés about French culture” 계속 읽기

To App or not to App

How to know if and when learning Apps are for you <keywords: Language Learning App – technology and language – mobile applications> With the rise of technology, mobile Apps became a game changer in the language learning industry. Type, install and sign in: now you’re a step closer to fluency. But at which point in“To App or not to App” 계속 읽기